Adult Spatial Data

Molecule locations are saved in .parquet format. These files can be opened and visualized easily with FISHscale or with any another parquet file reader.

Mouse sagittal section 440 genes

Sagittal section of the mouse brain with 440 detected genes and 8 controls.

Polygon for Mouse 440 dataset that is used to exclude detected molecules outside the sample.

Gene colors dictionary, in Python pickle format.

Pickled Numpy array with the genes used for the Mouse 440 gene experiment.

Mouse atlas

Seven sagittal sections of the mouse brain with 168 detected genes, sampled at the medial-lateral positions of -140 µm, 600 µm, 1200 µm, 1810 µm, 2420 µm, 3000 µm and 3600 µm measured from the midline.

CSV files demarking the sample borders for the 7 mouse atlas sections. -140 µm, 600 µm, 1200 µm, 1810 µm, 2420 µm, 3000 µm, 3600 µm

Dictionary with gene colors used in the paper for the mouse atlas.

Human data

Human visual cortex sample with 445 detected genes.

Dictionary with gene colors for the human visual cortex