Inhibitory neurons, midbrain


RegionMidbrain dorsal
Likely locationSuperior colliculus superficial grey layer; Erdinger-Westphal nucleus, periaqueductal grey, nucleus of the optic tract
Developmental compartmentMesencephalon
Marker genes Pax7 Gm27199
CommentsRemaining heterogeneity for Nitric oxide
Taxon Neurons
CNS neurons
Di- and mesencephalon neurons
Di- and mesencephalon inhibitory neurons

Enriched genes

Table shows genes that are highly enriched (but not necessarily unique) in this cluster, relative to all other clusters.

Score Gene Description
176.1 Pax7 Paired box protein Pax-7
168.3 Epyc Epiphycan
96.5 Sox14 Transcription factor SOX-14
87.2 Otx2 orthodenticle homeobox 2
73.2 Gm27199 predicted gene 27199

Heatmap and tSNE plot

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Spatial distribution

Images show the correlation of gene expression for this cluster with each voxel in the Allen Mouse Brain Atlas. Click on the image for a high-resolution version.