Telencephalon inhibitory interneurons (taxon)

Telencephalon interneurons
Telencephalon inhibitory interneurons

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Cell types

Cell types (clusters) assigned to the Telencephalon inhibitory interneurons taxon.

Name Description
DEINH1 Inhibitory neurons, thalamus
DEINH2 Inhibitory neurons, thalamus
TEINH10 R-LM border Cck interneurons, cortex/hippocampus
TEINH11 R-LM border Cck interneurons, cortex/hippocampus
TEINH12 Non-border Cck interneurons, cortex/hippocampus
TEINH13 Trilaminar cells, hippocampus
TEINH14 CGE-derived neurogliaform cells Cxcl14+, cortex/hippocampus
TEINH15 CGE-derived neurogliaform cells, cortex/hippocampus
TEINH16 Ivy and MGE-derived neurogliaform cells, cortex/hippocampus
TEINH17 Axo-axonic, cortex/hippocampus
TEINH18 Basket and bistratified cells, cortex/hippocampus
TEINH19 Hippocamposeptal projection, cortex/hippocampus
TEINH20 Inhibitory interneurons, hippocampus
TEINH21 Sleep-active, long-range projection interneurons, cortex/hippocampus
TEINH4 Interneuron-selective interneurons, cortex/hippocampus
TEINH5 Interneuron-selective interneurons, cortex/hippocampus
TEINH6 Interneuron-selective interneurons, cortex/hippocampus
TEINH7 Interneuron-selective interneurons, hippocampus
TEINH8 Interneuron-selective interneurons, hippocampus
TEINH9 Non-border Cck interneurons, hippocampus

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