Oligodendrocytes (taxon)

CNS glia
Astroependymal cells
Cerebellum neurons
Cholinergic, monoaminergic and peptidergic neurons
Di- and mesencephalon neurons
Enteric neurons
Hindbrain neurons
Immature neural
Immune cells
Neural crest-like glia
Peripheral sensory neurons
Spinal cord neurons
Sympathetic neurons
Telencephalon interneurons
Telencephalon projecting neurons
Vascular cells

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Cell types

Cell types (clusters) assigned to the Oligodendrocytes taxon.

Name Description
COP1 Committed oligodendrocytes cells (COP)
COP2 Committed oligodendrocytes cells (COP), pons/medulla specific
MFOL1 Myelin forming oligodendrocytes (MFOL)
MFOL2 Myelin forming oligodendrocytes (MFOL)
MOL1 Mature oligodendrocytes
MOL2 Mature oligodendrocytes, hindbrain
MOL3 Mature oligodendrocytes, spinal cord enriched (high Klk6)
NFOL1 Newly formed oligodendrocytes (NFOL)
NFOL2 Newly formed oligodendrocytes (NFOL), pons/medulla specific